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Untitled (Queenstown), 2015-2016

Site-specific community project in Queenstown, Singapore
Part of 
This is Home, curated by M3TTER

Held at the Recess, Singapore

Subsequently held at Queenstown Library, Singapore


This project aims to map out the terrains of Queenstown by means of walking. I see walking as a form of mapping whereby the experiences that are derived through walking in this neighbourhood come together to form an overaching map-like structure consisting of – my mental map of experiences, the walk as a trace that weaves through the streets and buildings and the gathered evidences of the walk including photographs, sketches and writings. 


The process of walking is one approach in exploring the multitude of facades in Queenstown and attempt to document the heritage of Queenstown as opposed to the rapidly changing landscape in view of the en blocs taking place and also engaging the community through encounters with passers-by and by having conversations with them.

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