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(House)plants, 2016


Held at Blk 142 Potong Pasir Ave 2

In collaboration with Megan Miao


A simple walkabout around Potong Pasir reveals a complex and rich neighbourhood. Socially engaged art is often concerned with the residents of an area, but we are choosing to focus on the non-human players of the neighbourhood - the collections of house plants amassed and cared for by the residents of Potong Pasir. 

We are in the midst of speaking residents passionate about their houseplants as it will enable us to unfold the cultural response in keeping houseplants whilst living in flats as well as to explore the individual stories that weave in and out of Potong Pasir as an architectural space. Delving behind the walls, we will conduct interviews and research into the houseplants culture, supplemented by observations of life along the void decks and corridors. 


(HOUSE)plants is part of OH!pen Call

More information about OH!pen House.

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