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Cher - Go Toilet, 2021

In collaboration with Serene Ng

What keeps an art teacher going? What choices shape our interactions and classroom environment? What are some memories we hold onto in the process of forgetting others? 


“Cher Go Toilet!” presents an illustrated curation of absurd narratives, poignant moments and tales that tickle. We invite the audience to come peek into our little world of absurdities and “aww”s. Through this work, we seek to capture these mundane yet celebrated stories of encounters between 6 art teachers and their students.

J05+S3r are two like-minded artist-educators who got to know each other during their teacher training. Given a choice, J05 would rather pick up her camera and wood, whilst S3r would prefer her pencil or needle - one thing they have in common though would always be paper. They hope to give people an insight to the world of art educators in a candid manner to unravel their human side beneath the usually serious demeanour. Both artist-educators have a keen personal interest in documenting their everyday observations and thoughts through bookmaking.

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