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Clogged ARTeries, 2020

Mixed Media Installation, SOTA Art Gallery

Collaboration with Chua Lee Beng, Fadilah Nasir, Faizlyana Ismail, Iris Chia Hoon Nee and Siti Zainab Komari

Clogged ARTeries is a fun and thought-provoking installation exploring the concept of a clog in a student’s art making process. The notion of a clog points to the fear of failure, having no inspiration, the desire to be perfect and questions the idea of making mistakes in art. In addition, the artists’ choice of spray paint as a medium aims to highlight the misconceptions of the medium and attempts to raise awareness about the social stigma of graffiti art – addressing the constriction of play using a seemingly “unorthodox” medium which is not considered a mainstream art form in the field of visual art.

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